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Alarm Clocks

Posted in Events by Kenji on February 19, 2008

I don’t know what percentage of the Homo sapiens in the world own alarm clocks. The working group (e.g., call center agents, bus and jeepney drivers, teachers, clerks, and a long list more)  in which I categorically belong probably are the primary consumers of this ill-conceived, not-so-early-risers-inspired thingamabob. Probably coming next in queue of the alarm clock fanatics are the students. I actually had never purchased one in my student days but I occassionally borrowed my roommate’s when I was in deep need of one.  Warriors got the the third place, for lack of another category. God. Seriously, I couldn’t imagine myself in a battlefield, armed with guns and had to carry a huge and heavy backpack…and yet had to wake up in a specific military time with that skull-breaking military call? Torture! Thankful I am, I had no such experience.

Alarm clocks come in many forms. My mom used to be my alarm clock when I was in primary grades. She probably is my most patient and lovable alarm system. There was this no-annoying sound- all she had was but a simple “Dodong, mata na.” (Hey son, wake up) and the spell got in my head and my eyes grew awake. Effective. She wasn’t invented. She was packaged to be a multitasking mom! When I was in high school and university, my dormitory alarm system was my disciplinarian and bossy alarm rule. By 5:30, all dorm accupants had to wake up not to study but to clean the premises. I didn’t hate it that much, except during my first weeks living in that  hell building. Everybody had to come and wake up at the right time or else– you’d get kicked out. Then, is it unfortunate to be out from that hell(again!) haven? Urggghh, for a place worth 2 US dollars a month (yes, it is) and free electric and water usage …you had better think again of leaving the much more comfortable space that you can get there for a congested and noisy bedspace. It’s downside? That nasty alarm system. I’ve been there anyway. Moving to Cebu City alone minus mom and the dorm alarm system was at first worrisome. I had to go to work at the right time. Unlike my student life, I could get fired from my job if I got red cards for time violation- that spelt trouble. God again created one of His loudest and most effectively annoying alarm device- Geraldine. She was the girl living next to my room. I always said that if there were ever a quiz about Geraldine’s life, I would surely notch the first spot. Serving as my alarm clock for 3 years, she has been of great help to me. I was never late in the academy where I taught, not even a single minute in my 3 years of stay there but I was once absent. God-sent alarm masterpiece. She has just one of the most powerful voices that any vocal chord could produce. (At this moment, she is talking to me while my fingers are busy typing.) When she woke up, I had no other choice but to wake up. See, what a dose of extra calorie can do? Meaning-implied here.

Those were the times when I had mixed feelings about having an alarm system, when I was  torn between having a choice and none, when alarm systems are alarmingly needed and not. Now, alarm clocks are more than essential to me. My schedule is just so alarming.

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  1. henry said, on February 20, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    i hate alarm clocks too.

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