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It wasn’t in High School.

Posted in Events, school by Kenji on February 20, 2008

Certainly, it wasn’t in high school. Despite people’s habitual tendency to regard their high school life as the most memorable in their student days, I am a ceratin naysayer to this. Mine wasn’t. This may sound mawkishly sentimental but my university life gave me more ups and a lot of downs. Let me take those one by one here.

1. It wasn’t in high school that I got my first failing mark.  My Animal Production subject in my third year was my first failing subject.  It didn’t take me long to cope and turn the corner. Unapprehended, it was just the first of a series of failures.

2. It wasn’t in high school that I had my first income. The more I realized that there are a lot of things that I can do, the more opportunities for me to earn came. I earned my first pay while serving as a student assistant at the dormitory. I however got the real score when I got a hosting stint and received Php1,500,000(big enough for a student like me).

3. It wasn’t in high school that I liked somebody ( a special blog entry would be for this topic). For now, remember the date- January 10, 2000. That date is a must-remember if I decide to shift to a daydreaming mode, which I occassionally do.

4. It wasn’t in high school that I really got into sports and recreational activities. I got the chance to go moutain-climbing, trekking, boating, etc. I used to be a health-buff. (Sigh!)

5. It wasn’t in high school that I got chased by a roving guard. It was near November and school was about to open for its second semester, a few people were in the campus- most of them dorm buddies like me. The approx. 1600 ha. of land that houses my university wasn’t only built with carefully-designed academic buildings and research laboratories but with farms, orchards, and crop plantations as well. Cyrus (my room big brother and the university student org. treasurer) forged a plan which later on turned to be a problem. Being a Horticulture major, he knew where fruits can be best found in the campus. He then brought us to the Pomology Department and with much awe, we witnessed how inviting the fresh rambutans were. Without further talkfest^^, we hurriedly picked as much fruit as we could and put them in our bags when out of nowhere, a loud voice scared the wit out of us. Hoy! Nag-unsa mo diha? (Hey! What do you think you are doing?), the guard screamed. There were seven of us and nobody knew who escaped first and who did last but one sad thing happened, my roommate Arnel had to give a 50-hour manual labor for being caught. I was luckily fast enough. I told you, I was a health-buff!

6. It wasn’t in high school that I got my first taste of fame. It was earlier. Uh huh.

And if ever one of you asks when I had the first taste of it be sure you know what ‘it” is or else you’ll definitely get screwed) , yes it was in high school. I just hope it wasn’t.

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  1. ralph said, on February 22, 2008 at 1:23 am

    ill be regularly posting…

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