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Stone Tower

Posted in Events, interests, people by Kenji on March 6, 2008

I was sitting next to our doorstep a few hours ago watching a child building a stone pile on the dust-covered pavement.  He was so optimistic in creating the highest pile possible, carefully taking care of small details that might ruin the expected architectural fortress.  The dust and dirt of the parched alley seemed a no-reason to taper his determination off. The structure looked like a weak turf of stacked stones, hollow inside with unbalanced sides. Bigger stones made up the foundation while the smaller ones were used to balance and patch the fractures and spaces in bigger stone pieces. I could clearly see the child’s careful stare at the rockpile, steadfast and was determined not to in any way buckle down. His back was exposed to the scorching heat of the sun and sweat was wetting his umber skin yet I couldn’t see any trace of losing hope and giving up. There were not a lot of stones around him… he would have to gather some in a mound of gravel a few meters away from him. Looking around and checking for something or somebody that could possibly destroy his masterpiece while he was away and finding only me quietly seated and staring at him, he comfortably hurried to find more stones. After a few minutes, the child was back with glee on his face and a handful of smaller pieces of stones. He had just 5 or 6 pieces of stones with him. He put them down beside the pile and thinking that the gathered pieces were definitely not enough, he turned his back and inched his way to where he had gotten the previous stones. He wasn’t a few meters away when my eyes grew big and the child couldn’t help but turn. Swoooooooooooop! It wasn’t a flying saucer nor a superhero landing. It was a piece of wood- yes a piece of wood quashing the almost-accomplished tower that the poor child carefully built!  I was left in awe…wondering how the child would react as sadness and disappointment gathered around his very eyes.  A few meters away stood another boy, the culprit. The piece of wood ravaged every strand of the boys hope of creating a matter-of-factly wonderful work of art. I studied the reaction in the boy’s face. Would he explode in anger? Would he deliver left-right-uppercut punches to the other child? Would he cry in desperation? He then slowly strutted to the boy and excitedly whispered “Let’s make a stone pile!”. He was in no way angry. He was not blaming the other boy. He didn’t even bother asking whether it was done on purpose. The reaction was absolutely far and different from what I had expected. They just started piling the stones again and in no time, the tower stood proudly, even better than how it was previously erected. 

There are things that we value a lot yet we fail to remember they are transitory and in ways more than one can slip from our grasp. We cry over things lost not knowing some better ones could replace them. We tend to hate somebody when they make offenses not minding that in the end these people might be the same souls who would help us attain our goals. We aspire because we are human but only our relationships to other people lasts. Any trials sooner or later will come along and shatter what we have worked so hard to build up. When that happens, only those who have somebody’s shoulders to lean on can smile. When our blocks are blown and tossed away, there are surely better ones up-and-coming for a stronger stone tower.  


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