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Nude at Home?

Posted in culture, lifestyle, people by Kenji on April 30, 2008

Going naked at home? Whew! A good start indeed for sex education…

…but this is not gonna be easy knowing that nakedness remains taboo (for some cultures) even with members of the family.  Read:




  1. Encourage family nudity without being abnormal. Children have not yet acquired a sophisticated understanding of modesty, and really don’t care who sees them naked. This is the time when the parent can mold their conscience without making them self-conscious of nakedness. This, in turn, will help children associate nakedness to routine activity instead of exclusively naughty activity, helping illicit forms of nakedness to lose their appeal later in life.
  2. Start allowing/encouraging family nudity during potty training & continue through the school age years and beyond. You’d be surprised how quickly potty training takes root when your toddler/preschooler is allowed to go bare at home, but…be prepared for occasional “accidents” as well, and handle these situations calmly without anger or revulsion.
  3. Going nude for extended periods in the summer can save lots of money on home air conditioning bills! And if energy costs are not a primary concern, keep your home warm & comfortable during cold weather.
  4. A focal point for nudity that enables the whole family to participate together is very helpful. An indoor swimming pool is ideal, but not practical for most families. Saunas are also excellent for this, but are not as common in the U.S. as Europe. Other water related ideas could be an outdoor pool below or above ground. A cheaper yet more practical idea that works year round would be a hot tub. Children see this as a heated kiddie swimming pool they can use water toys in too.
  5. Allow your children – from birth – to see you in ordinary nude situations (e.g.- dressing, bathing or showering, using the toilet) or any activity where nudity is a natural part. By being comfortable with your own body you will naturally convey the message to your children that nudity really is okay and not something to fear. There are naturally times in life when clothes must be worn for protection, for comfort, and to adhere to societal norms. However, by talking with your children about being comfortable with nudity at home, your children will grow up understanding that being nude & being seen nude at home isn’t something “uncool, horrible, and utterly embarrassing.”
  6. As they begin to recognize differences between themselves and you or your spouse, explain to them the reason for these differences. Suggested explanations are: “Mommy’s breasts are for giving milk to babies like when you were small”? or “Mommy and daddy have hair down here because our bodies are warmer, and it helps keep our bodies cooler (by retaining sweat).”


Do you think such practice is possible in your own home?

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  1. Anonymous said, on July 25, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    fuck off !!!

  2. daddy said, on September 3, 2011 at 1:43 am

    family nudity may be normal, but you are usinf the wrong model to prove it; Yuk!

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