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Posted in Uncategorized by Kenji on January 14, 2011

A mirror tells no lie…but it hides some parts of the truth.


I didn’t get the chance to appreciate myself in front of the mirror for the fact that mirrors in our house are hung lower than my face when standing. You see, I am just a bit taller than the average Filos, a total advantage except when I have to bow down just to see myself and hope I could see more than what others see in front of the godly mirror we have. Any looking glass bespeaks reality, ours is no different.

I have never given any importance to a mirror or anything of that sort since very recently when we transferred our office and I had to use an office space beside the glass window. I can see everything outside the tinted and frail glass of my room.

Aside from the things of which sight make me happy, a sad and curious face appears whenever i try to peek the reality behind the single piece of speculum in my room. Two soulful eyes relinquishing the curiosity hidden in it…searching for something hidden. Something unknown. Somehow, the face manages to give a smile at times- a seemingly meaningless smirk- probably when good things are done and blessings are perfect. The tenacity of his eyes shows  his character…something which others don’t see. The mirror may tell no lie…but it hides some parts of the truth, parts that I definitely see.




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